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Lauren Daigle Preaches False Gospel to Max Security Prisoners, Says God Doesn’t “Point the Finger at Them”



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Recently, Lauren Daigle visited a maximum-security prison in Louisiana and told a stadium filled with 6300 prisoners that God “sits with them” and “doesn’t point the finger” at them or “give them shame.”

Daigle — who says she doesn’t know if homosexuality is sinful or not — is known for touring the world and giving a watered-down message that is devoid of the biblical gospel. In the video clip below, Daigle can be seen telling these prisoners that “in the middle of the pain, in the middle of your problems, in the middle of you being the worst of who you are, He comes and He sits next to you in the process.”

God “sitting with you” in the “middle of you being the worst of who you are” is not the gospel — it’s a false gospel. The gospel is that Christ died and took the punishment for sinners, was buried, and raised three days later defeating sin and death and for those who repent and believe — who call upon his name — will be saved. But Daigle continues to give people a false hope by minimizing the sin that the vast majority of these people live in.

Let’s just be honest, the reason people are in a maximum-security prison is that they are impenitent, dangerous people who are likely to commit another act of violence if allowed to do so. Daigle did not call on them to repent of their sin and turn to Christ — she told them that God is sitting with them and they need not worry about it. That’s a false gospel.


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