Lesbian Walks Up to Church Saying “I’m Here For My Stoning,” Guy Tells Her to “Come Back Tomorrow”


Seriously, you have to ask at what point does it all just become a big joke? A professing lesbian walks up to an ostensibly “conservative” church that holds to a biblical ethic on sexuality, knocks on the door, and says “I’m a lesbian, I’m here for my stoning.” Thy guy who answered the door, obviously thrown off by the act, reacts like a deer caught in headlights and tells the woman to “come back tomorrow.”

The woman was responding to a sign the church placed outside stating that “Jesus would stone homos.”

This could be right or wrong, depending on what angle you come from. Of course, God did command homosexuals be stoned in the Old Testament — and Jesus is God. But, that was a law under the old covenant that was given specifically to the nation of Israel and does not apply to modern society.

The old covenant judicial law — not to be confused with God’s moral law (which is applicable to all creation) — is not how God intends civil government to be run today. So the answer is, no, Jesus would not “stone” homosexuals. However, what he will do is much worse — unless they repent, he will cast them into Hell.

But the video does make for an entertaining moment. Watch:

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