Southern Baptist Church Hosts Massive Gun Buyback Event From Law-Abiding Citizens

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The Southern Baptist Convention has gone totally woke and embraced liberalism. It is no longer a conservative denomination. Spearheaded by progressive groups such as the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the denomination has embraced values that are contrary to biblical principles of conservatism — including self-defense.

Now, one Southern Baptist Church recently hosted a massive liberal gun buy-back program claiming hundreds of guns from citizens in exchange for such things as skateboards and gift cards. While not one single criminal with plans to murder people was reported to have handed over their weapons, hundreds of law-abiding citizens exchanged their constitutionally-approved means of self and family-defense in exchange for material goods.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Encanto Southern Baptist Church in partnership with the United African American Ministerial Action Council and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office handed out skateboards or gift cards worth $100 or $200 ea.

“Removing unwanted guns from the streets reduces the likelihood that they will be stolen and used to commit a crime or hurt someone,” said District Attorney Summer Stephan in a news release.

While the Southern Baptist Convention is busy pushing social justice and embracing liberal politics, the denomination is dying as it loses its first love, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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