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Miss Universe Myanmar 2019 First Lesbian Contestant in Pageant History


The Miss Universe Pageant, formerly owned by Donald Trump, will saw its first openly gay contestant in its 67-year history on Sunday, December 8. Swe Zin Htet, who recently came out publicly on a blog forum, came out of the closet despite homosexuality being illegal in her home country.

“I have that platform that, if I say that I’m a lesbian, it will have a big impact on the LGBTQ community back in Burma,” she told People Magazine, “The difficult thing is that in Burma, LGBTQ people are not accepted,” Htet says, “they are looked down on by other people and are being discriminated against.”

“We are honored to give a platform to strong, inspirational women like Miss Universe Myanmar, who are brave enough to share their unique stories with the world,” Paula Shugart, the Miss Universe president also told People Magazine, “Miss Universe will always champion women to be proud of who they are.”

Ironically, she preventing child abuse as the issue she is advocating for. Perhaps, she could advocate for not allowing homosexuals to adopt children and mutilate their bodies or advocate for the criminalization of the exploitation of sexually confused children, like this one. Or perhaps, she could advocate for removing children from the harm’s way of perverts like these.

Miss Universe follows a string of LGBTQ cavings — from Hallmark Channel’s openness to producing gay Christmas movies to Chick-fil-A’s charitable funding of pro-gay groups — it’s safe to say that we now live a world that demands celebration of aberrant sexualities. Even historically conservative organizations — some that even claim to be Christian — are fully giving in to the mafia of homosexuality.

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