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Popular NAR Cultist, Reinhard Bonnke Dies at 79 Years Old


A popular traveling evangelist and New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cultist has died at 79 years old.

Reinhard Bonnke was in close circles with false teaches such as Mike Bickle of IHOPKC and others who preached a false gospel of health, wealth, and prosperity. As Church Watch Central reports, Bonnke’s ministry 

should be questioned. If you’ve ever been to a C3 Presence Conference or a Hillsong Conference, the audience are shown a massive crowd of Africans flooding onto a vast open landscape to see evangelist Reinhard Bonnke preach. What you are NOT told is that these vulnerable people are lured to these events, having been promised healing and financial breakthroughs. You will only see testimonies from people who further the cause of Reinhard Bonnke (and not Jesus). So naturally, his status as Evangelist leans into that of an Apostle. This is exactly how NAR Evangelists progressed to NAR Apostles. This is what happened with Carlos Annacondia, Steve Hill (of the Argentine Revivals) and Michael Brown (of Pensacola).

It’s always sad when a heretic dies because barring some unlikely last-minute death-bed repentance, they will face the judgment of God not only for their rebellion against Him and his righteousness but worse for leading others down a path of destruction. Prosperity gospel preachers — like Bonnke — are in great danger of God’s judgment.

Bonnke was with former Southern Baptist president, Ronnie Floyd, in 2016 for a four-day conference at the NAR IHOPKC church in Kansas City with Mike Bickle, Francis Chan, and others. The conference, which included a Catholic track for Roman Catholics, sought to undo the doctrinal divisions between denominations — including the essential doctrines on salvation by grace alone through faith alone — and replace it with an emphasis on ecumenical prayer and national revival. The entire focus of the New Apostolic Reformation — which Bonnke was steeped in — downplayed the importance of Christian salvation while focusing on temporal blessings. The movement is in point of fact, undeniably heresy.

While we do not rejoice in the death of the wicked — as with Rachel Held Evans several months ago — we can rejoice in knowing that God is good and just and sovereign over all things. We pray that those countless souls he’s led astray will see the error of his teachings, repent, and come to Christ in faith.

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