Hallmark Channel Now Says They’re Open to Producing Gay Movies


After homosexual groups began pushing for “inclusion” in the Christmas movie scene, calling on Hallmark and Lifetime to start running gay romance movies, Hallmark has responded stating that they’re “open” to the idea.

LGBTQ Nation — a pro-sodomy advocacy website — called on these two channels to produce and run gay romance movies for Christmas as part of a “diversity” campaign this season since the channels already have movies produced for the “black community” and the “Jewish community.”

Hollywood Reporter interviewed Hallmark’s parent company, Crown Media Family Networks CEO, Bill Abbott who said they’re open to producing movies with gay leads. Hollywood Reporter reports,

While the film and TV industries, among others, are embracing inclusion onscreen, in the executive ranks and among writers, producers and directors, Abbott says Hallmark is “open” to doing any type of movie — including with gay leads (which it currently lacks, too). Five years ago, Hallmark parent Crown Media launched its own in-house production company — Crown Media Family Network Productions — to take over full creative control on its original movies (rather than picking up titles as acquisitions). With its CMFN Productions, Hallmark has full ownership of the entire creative process — meaning Hallmark has full discretion when it comes to casting, premise, plot and title.

Typically, the push for inclusive programming starts with executives who put out a mandate that they’re looking for specific types of content — i.e. stories about non-white families, or shows with black leads.

“We are always encouraging people to bring us stories across the board. And it’s not always that simple a process where you put the word out and you get back three great scripts and three great stories. We put the word out that we’re doing an original series and we get 50 bad stories. So it’s not as easy as I think you’re making it sound and it’s certainly something that we do discuss consistently with our team and with our talent and with the agencies.

“The reality is when you produce as much content as we do — which is 100 movies a year, five original primetime series, a daytime lifestyle show that’s two hours a day, 52 weeks a year basically live to tape … and countless specials — there’s only so much time in the day,” Abbott said when asked about how much he’s asked the creative community for more inclusive holiday scripts. “And while we want to put on and we believe that we do create content that is beloved really throughout the country it’s not always the easiest process to make every situation fit the mold for every individual who even wants to work with us or wants to watch a certain segment of the audience on our channel.”

So, we knew it was just a matter of time before they caved. We can now say if Hallmark makes this move, we can no longer presume the channel to be a safe, family-friendly channel.

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