Female Preacher Says Women Can Preach Because a Woman Delivered the Word of God (Jesus)


Just when you think the complementarian/egalitarian debate is over and won, someone comes up with a brand new and fresh argument that once and for all proves complementarianism wrong. Kia Moore — who is apparently an ordained elder at Kingdom Fellowship Internation or something — explains.

Now, the argument might be a little over our heads because we complementarians aren’ t all up on the egalitarian jargon she employs here to make her point — but I’ll try to follow it and translate it. She says, “blah blah blah blah, the Word became flesh.” Then she proceeds to argue that because the Bible says that Jesus is the Word became flesh and that Mary delivered Jesus AND that since preaching is delivering the Word of God, that proves that the bible condones female preachers. Make sense?

Let me break it down for you in a flow chart.

  1. The Bible says Jesus is the Word of God made flesh.
  2. Preaching means “delivering the Word of God.”
  3. Mary, a woman, delivered Jesus which means a woman delivered the Word of God.
  4. This is the difficult part to understand, but it sounds like she’s saying Mary preached Jesus from her womb.
  5. Therefore we can conclude that women can preach.

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