Lesbian Sues Christian School For Expelling Her Over Sexual Misconduct

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Fuller Theological Seminary is based in Pasadena, CA and has several satellite campuses including one in Houston, TX where Joanna Maxon attended. Maxon, a lesbian who was previously married to a man and had two children, divorced her husband and began a homosexual relationship with another woman. In 2016, she was legally “married” to the other woman, yet continued to receive her education at Fuller Seminary.

According to reports, Maxon says that she was open about her perverted sexual relationships in her classes where her teachers and other students were “supportive” of her. So she was shocked when the dean of the school sent her a letter telling her that she would be expelled from the school.

The Christian school has a normal policy that students cannot be actively involved in sexual misconduct, including homosexual activity, which would interfere with the purpose of the school — to teach biblical theology.

While the seminary says that it follows the law regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation, it does, according to its policy posted on its website, “lawfully discriminate on the basis of sexual conduct that violates its biblical based Community Standards Statement on Sexual Standards.”

The school said in an email, β€œThe seminary believes that sexual union must be reserved for marriage, which is the covenant between one man and one woman. The seminary believes premarital, extramarital and homosexual forms of explicit sexual conducts to be inconsistent with the teaching of scripture.”

The bigger question, however, is why do militant homosexuals have any interest in attending conservative seminaries that oppose their lifestyle, to begin with? Of course, we already know why — it’s because they desire to dismantle all biblical sexual ethics and turn the entire world into one big gay celebration.

If you were to die today, where would you go? Heaven? Hell? Not sure?

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