PA House Passes Bill That Would Require Death Certificate For Aborted Fetuses


While some are arguing that this is just another attempt to make women “suffer,” the reality is that dead human beings should be at least granted the basic rights of a proper burial which, in the state of Pennsylvania, requires a death certificate.

Since Roe v. Wade, states have had an extremely difficult time enacting legislation that would abolish the act of murder by abortion and even when states have attempted to pass legislation, it has been struck down by federal judges. To this day, no state has outright effectively and permanently banned this heinous crime against humanity. However, some states have gotten close. When looking at fighting abortion from a biblical perspective, however, one of the driving forces behind our fight is to expose the truth about the crime to those who commit it. That makes Pennsylvania’s recent HB 1890 — the Final Disposition of Fetal Remains Act — a positive move.

The bill would effectively require a death certificate for the death of unborn children — be it abortion, miscarriage, or some other reason — by requiring a proper burial and disposal of the fetal remains. Though it has been argued that the death certificates won’t affect the mothers since the filing is done by the “provider,” death certificates are generally public records and can be retrieved from the government issuing department.

What this means is that mothers who choose to abort their children will have one more nail of truth to deal with in the aftermath of their choice — they will have to deal with the fact that it was a human being that they choose to execute.

One attorney for a “women’s rights” advocacy group in PA explained it this way,

No, it does not explicitly mandate a death certificate. [But] it explicitly mandates a burial permit, and you need a death certificate to obtain a burial permit. HB 1890 is like a Russian doll; you have to keep unpacking it to see what’s really inside.

While this is not abolition — and it does not make abortion illegal as it should — it can be argued that it is a way to expose the seriousness of the crime against God and mankind to those who continue to do it, which may, in some way, lead some to godly sorrow.

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