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Evangelicalism’s Trojan Horse: The Social Justice Movement


Many Southern Baptist leaders are caving in to the social justice movement which — a Trojan for the Democratic agenda of liberalization and secularization of Christianity as a political tool. Some well-known pastors such as Thabiti Anyabwile have completely forgotten the core mission of their calling and are trying to turn churches into platforms for the spreading of their liberal agenda. They, therefore, have fallen victims to godless ideologies in the name of social justice.

This Gospel Coalition contributor has openly supported Democratic leadership whose main agenda is LGBT and abortion at the expense of conservative leaders such as Donald Trump whose platform is the prevention of abortion and respect for traditional family values. Others such as Russell Moore worked so hard in attacking Trump and suppressing conservative voters’ turnout during the 2016 election.

Some of these Evangelical leaders — who also happen to be tied to the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission — are falling for this trap in the name of race relations and egalitarianism which is a disguise of liberal Christianity, the religious arm of liberal politics practiced by the Democratic Party. Preachers such as Beth Moore are becoming the new voices of the social justice movement challenging the authority of Biblical teachings on various issues such as the role of women in the church.

This is akin to the introduction of feminism in the church, undermining the position of men in the church as dictated by Christian doctrine. This has led to some well-known Christian leaders and scholars such as Owen Strachan accurately predicting the emergence of a new era of spiritual warfare. The social justice movement is dividing and weakening the church, which is another step in the secularization process under the Liberals agenda.

When secularization takes place and the conservative leadership of the church is undermined, new godless ideologies such as LGBTQ and the support for abortion will be able to find their way in the church. When these ideologies take hold of the church, the institution will turn into Democratic voting robots with little regard for Christian values and teachings.

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