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Calvary Chapel Pastor’s Daughter Preaches About Her Rear-End, Brags From Pulpit About What “God Gave Her”

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In this day and age, nothing should surprise me anymore. With the number of shenanigans that go on in so-called “churches” around the world, it’s amazing we’re able to sift through it all to even find a true church somewhere in the midst. While Hillsong Church is putting on literal circus performances and another megachurch pastor playing Mister Rogers on Sunday mornings, one church has always been on the trailing end of outright foolishness on display — at least, somewhat.

Bianca Olthoff, daughter of Calvary Chapel Montebello pastor, Pancho Juarez, put on an interesting show of debauchery recently while “preaching” about Boaz.

“I love me some Boaz,” Olthoff says, “I pray Lord Jesus, give me a Boaz God.” But this is where it gets weird — and outright blasphemous. Instead of praising God, honoring him, and obeying him by remaining silent in the Church, she, instead, takes the stage to brag about her rear end. She continues, “He didn’t get me a Boaz but he got me a FineAz … Okaaaaay!!!!!”

The entire thing is foolishness and she needs to repent and go home.


If you were to die today, where would you go? Heaven? Hell? Not sure?

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