Transgender People Claim Gays are “Transphobic” For Declining Sex With Them


I’m not much into entertainment, but watching the left devour itself is more entertaining than any movie or sports event I’ve ever witnessed — ever. It’s like watching a football team play against itself on the field while the real opponent sits on the sidelines and watch them completely disqualify themselves from the game altogether — until there is nothing left.

The logical end of intersectionality is to destroy everyone and everything in its path. I’d draw you a picture, but it wouldn’t be pretty. Let’s just say it’s becoming bloody at this point.

On some level of the intersectional pyramid are the LGBTQ people — those who are identified by their sexual immorality. But within that LGBTQ level are sub-levels — or sub-pyramids — and the more letters you identify with, the higher you are on the pyramid. But the pyramid itself is crumbling. Now, transgender people are accusing homosexuals of being “transphobic” because homosexual men aren’t interested in having sex with women who “identify” as men.

Gross, I know, right? But that’s how this works. Chaos and destruction. Read the following with caution.

I tried to blur out all the words not fit for public airwaves — but caution still advised. I think you get the point, but if you want to read the rest of this, the entire thing is archived here on Twitter.

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