Church Becomes First to Ordain Transgender Person of Color as “Pastor”


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) is an apostate denomination that affirms homosexuals as well as female clergy. Often, you can see them with booths set up at various gay pride marches around the country denying Christ and giving people false hope in a false gospel. It should come as no surprise, however, since they deny the existence of Hell altogether that they would embrace some of the most God-forsaken filth that Scripture speaks of ordaining a man who believes he’s a woman as pastor and proudly boasting him as the “first transgender person of color” to become pastor in the entire denomination.

It’s like all of the apostate denominations, from the PCUSA to the United Methodist Church (UMC) compete to see who can present the most atrocious display of rebellion the world has ever seen — and do it first. Depravity is like a badge of honor to these people.

elca transgender latina pastor
BEST 1 LOUISVILLE, CO – November 23, 2019: Nicole Garcia hugs her high school classmate, Tony MacWaters, before the ceremony. Nicole M. Garcia, a transgender woman from Boulder, was ordained as a pastor at the Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Louisville on November 23, 2019. (Photo by Cliff Grassmick/Staff Photographer)

A transgender activist in Boulder County, Colorado — a man who goes by the name Nicole Garcia — has been ordained as the pastor of a newly-formed church, Westview Church just outside of Boulder. According to one report, Mardi Moore of Out Boulder praised him, saying,

She [sic] has changed the Lutheran Church in important ways, and it’s not surprising to me that a church here in Boulder County has selected Nicole to lead, because not only is she [sic] a trans Latina, but she [sic] is a person of faith who builds bridges and honors the entire community with her [sic] work

Of course, anyone with a modicum of sanity and any semblance of rationality knows that it is impossible to change one’s gender, yet, the world continues to live in this fantasy and the movement is growing at an alarming rate. Romans 1 speaks of the sexual revolution — particularly the homosexual revolution — as God removing his hand of grace from a nation and turning them over to their sinful desires.

Transgender Pastor, Nicole Garcia
BEST 2 LOUISVILLE, CO – November 23, 2019: Bishop Jim Gonia, center, has the attending clergy place their hands on Nicole Garcia as part of the ordination. Nicole M. Garcia, a transgender woman from Boulder, was ordained as a pastor at the Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Louisville on November 23, 2019. (Photo by Cliff Grassmick/Staff Photographer)

At this rate, normal, sane people will soon be the minority and possibly already are. But that groups of sexually immoral people band together for the sole purpose of deadening their consciences about their rebellion against God and calling themselves a “church” defies all logic and reason — let alone biblical theology.

I’ve heard it always said — and wholeheartedly agree with the saying — that the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is neither Evangelical nor is it Lutheran. But I would add, it’s also not American. America was founded not just on biblical principles and morals, but also on biblical logic and reason apart from which one cannot understand the world around them.

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