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T.D. Jakes Says We Need to Pray Big Because “God Needs a Challenge”

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The charismatic prosperity gospel cult is one of the most nefarious affronts to the Word of God that’s ever existed. T.D. Jakes is at the upper end of the pyramid when it comes to the schemes of men played out within this movement. Jakes twists the Scriptures into whatever he needs in order to satisfy the lusts of his own wicked heart. And he’s a rich man.

In a recent sermon, Jakes blasphemes God by downplaying God’s omnipotence. The Scriptures are filled with references to God’s unchangeable, unfathomable, and unchallengeable power as our God “is in the heavens,” Psalm 115:3 says, “he does all that he pleases.” And Jeremiah 32:17 proclaims, “Nothing is too hard for you.”

In the video below, Jakes says that we need to pray “big” because “God needs a challenge.” Okay, LOL! But no, God is not challenged by anything. And you, sir, are a blasphemer and an idolater. Repent!


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