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Pope Conducts Mass With Lesbian Anglican Activist While Promoting the Criminalization of Reparative Therapy


Reparative therapy, at least in its Christian form, is a form of biblical counseling rooted in the desire to change one’s sexual orientation and steer him toward God-honoring sexuality. While some forms of reparative therapy have stepped outside of biblical boundaries, the counseling itself is nothing more than a biblical call to repentance and faith in the work of Christ. It is designed to expose the root of aberrant sexual desires — sin — and call one to turn from these desires and trust God’s Word that sex between a man and a woman within the confines of marriage is good.

However, as Evangelicals and Catholics alike begin to embrace the notion that homosexual desires are normal and unchanging, many are beginning to denounce reparative therapy altogether — despite the unassailable evidence, not to mention the biblical assertion, that true, born again believers are made new upon regeneration. Reparative therapy has been denounced by such Evangelical leaders as Al Mohler and Russell Moore.

The Roman Catholic Church — despite its false gospel — has historically stood out as a socially conservative institution that defended against the onslaught of such things as homosexuality and abortion. However, that has changed.

Recently, the pope met with one of the most outspoken liberal feminists in the professing Church — a lesbian and LGBTQ activist, Jayne Ozanne. Ozanne travels the world lobbying for worldwide criminalization of reparative therapy. As reported by The Tablet UK,

Ms Ozanne told the Pope that she was a gay, evangelical Anglican, and had grown up in a Church that told her “she could never be a wife, a mother or a grandmother”, that she had tried to make herself straight through conversion therapy, and that treatments such as conversion therapy had an enormous impact on young people, leading many to consider suicide. She told the Pope that her prayer is “for everyone to know they are precious children of God, just as they are”. 

The current pope has been no stranger to liberalism and has embraced much of the liberalization of the Roman Catholic Church. Like the Southern Baptist Convention, the Roman Catholic Church has embraced an attitude of “acceptance” while beating the drum of social justice around the world.

Ozanne told The Tablet that it was “a very moving thing to celebrate Mass with the Pope this morning, it was an experience I’ll never forget. Meeting him afterwards, the warmth of his welcome and his kindness, showed the kind of pastor he really is.”

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