Jory Micah Says John MacArthur Doesn’t Know What Christlike Strength Is


If you don’t know who Jory Micah is, consider yourself lucky. However, she is an up-and-coming superstar in the man-hating feminist wing of Christendom. Jory Micah, who apparently started “preaching” when she was 13, once said that if God were a man, we can count her out.

Of course, any Christian with even a slight semblance of biblical discernment counted her out a long time ago. But sadly, a growing number in this sub-Christian sect has not.

Micah has practically developed a cult following on social media and her religion is essentially denouncing men. Undoubtedly, that began with her husband. Micah spends day-in and day-out railing against biblical patriarchy, God’s design for gender roles, anyone who stands on the Word of God as their authority. In other words, she spends her time denouncing Christianity.

Ever since John MacArthur’s admonition for Beth Moore — the Southern Baptist Conventions favorite lady-preacher — to “go home,” Jory Micah has been castigating John MacArthur. She’s called him everything from “misogynist” to “abusive.” Now, she says John MacArthur doesn’t know what “Christlike strength” is.

The fact that a numbskull like Micah would consider herself to have any grounding whatsoever to criticize a man like John MacArthur speaks volumes to not only the spiritual, but intellectual vapidity of this movement as a whole and in particular, Jory Micah herself. Micah complains that she’s been called a “false teacher” and “Jezebel” because she defends female preachers.

At least we know she’s getting the message. What she decides to do with it is outside of our control and only the Holy Spirit has the power to open her eyes to the truth. Like Beth Moore and other intellectually sterile so-called Evangelicals who jump on the bandwagon of self-entitlement in the name of Christianity, Micah has no interest in picking up her cross and following Christ.

2 Timothy 3 gives us a rather detailed list of various attributes of people who rebel against the divine order — among them, “unappeasable,” “treacherous,” “lovers of self,” and “having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power.” The list is long but perfectly accurate. It’s hard to say for sure if Jory Micah is the one in 2 Timothy 3:6 who is “capturing weak women” and leading them astray with various passions, or is the one who has been captured herself. However, it is abundantly clear — by every breath that comes from her mouth — that, as stated in verse 7, she is “always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.”

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