The AND Campaign Leadership Council Member Says the Bible and Truth Can Become Idols


These are the people that are leading the Evangelical Church into its new woke, social justice identity — and people like Russell Moore, Beth Moore, Matt Chandler, the Southern Baptist Convention, and The Gospel Coalition are the ones giving them a platform.

The AND Campaign is a movement that is designed to steer the Church away from conservative politics while giving the appearance that it’s a “better way” or a “third way.” From AND’s website, they support what they call “redemptive justice,”

Redemptive Justice is justice which has its ends in reconciliation, peace, and flourishing for all parties. The “redemption” is not the spiritual redemption which only Christ could achieve on the Cross, but it does take Christ’s sacrifice as its model of self-giving love of neighbor.

In other words, they support progressive social justice politics that call for such things as slave reparations, common ground on both sides of the abortion issue, and identity politics. The movement is patently anti-gospel, yet, it masquerades as part of the Church. In fact, one of the executive leaders, Michael Wear, was a former Obama staffer and now writes for The Gospel Coalition.

But another prominent member of the leadership council of the AND Campaign has said something really, really stupid that exposes the entire premise of their movement.

Truth, theology, and even the Bible can become idols.

People keep asking me why I keep posting about this clown. I get it, I do. But he does matter, and here’s why. The man is platformed by some of the most influential organizations in Evangelicalism. Besides the AND Campaign — and its influence through such people as DA Horton and Michael Wear — Howard is at home with prominent Evangelical leaders such as Jemar Tisby, Thabiti Anyabwile, Russell Moore, and many others.

The assertion that these things can be an idol really doesn’t even need an explanation — but I’ll summarize anyway. Jesus is the Truth (John 14:6), Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1), and we can’t know Jesus or the truth without theology. In other words, essentially what he’s saying is that when we choose to actually believe and follow what Jesus says in the Bible, we’re making Jesus and idol.

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