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Kanye West to Appear With Joel Osteen at Lakewood Sunday Service This Weekend



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Reformation Charlotte has been following the Kanye West phenomenon with a critical but hopeful eye. We at Reformation Charlotte must reiterate that we hope and pray that West’s conversion is real and true but we must not make assumptions nor should we elevate West to some version of “Christian hero” status.

A few weeks ago, we reported that West had been in contact with Joel Osteen and speculated that perhaps they had been planning a meeting together. Joel Osteen, the notorious false prophet and prosperity gospel huckster, has a weekly audience of around 45,000 — enough to attract any celebrity who desires attention.

Previously, we reported that West, despite his apparent conversion, had been preaching Sunday services and defending false teachers such as T.D. Jakes and false religions like Mormonism — telling his audience that we all have the “same gospel.”

It has now been confirmed by several news outlets including TMZ that Kanye and his choir will be attending Lakewood this coming Sunday and will include a 20-minute conversation between West and Osteen whereby they discuss his apparent transformation.

Reformation Charlotte, as well as many others, have been cautiously optimistic about Kanye’s conversion — however, we must not allow our emotions and our hopes stand in the way of proclaiming the truth. The fact that West is willing to stand with such a man as Osteen is horrific. Of course, it is still way too early to tell if West’s conversion is genuine, however, we are obliged to give him the benefit of the doubt so long as he makes a credible profession of faith. Only time will reveal his true fruits and sanctification. We hope that those who are in his direct path and shepherding him are dealing with him in this.


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