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Catholic Church in Ireland Says Gay Men Are Welcome in the Priesthood


The Roman Catholic Church, much like the Evangelical Church in America, has been drifting more and more to the left over the past few decades. As a result, we’re seeing an influx of liberalism, feminism, social justice, and homosexuality — along with an unprecedented amount of tolerance for things among the general church-going population.

The celibate priesthood is a staple of the idolatrous Roman Catholic Church which officially began at the First and Second Lateran councils in 1123 and 1139. As a result, the celibate priesthood has become a place for homosexuals to hide their sexuality while, in many cases, practicing homosexuality behind closed doors.

In recent years, however, the Evangelical Church has taken on a new movement — the gay celibate movement, that teaches that homosexuals are welcome in the Church so long as they remain celibate — or, don’t “act” on their homosexuality. The movement does not call on homosexuals to repent of their homosexuality, but rather, embrace it as part of their identity and in some cases, even view it as a “gift.” And it wasn’t until this movement began in the Evangelical Church that the Roman Catholic Church began to take the same view of homosexuality.

Homosexuals are now not required to abstain from their identity but encouraged to live their identity openly and proudly. They are encouraged to embrace their identity as gays and lesbians and a new class of “super Christians” has now been created as a result — homosexuals are treated as though they’ve made some great “sacrifice” to remain celibate.

In a recent article in the Irish Times, some of the leading clergies were asked about homosexuality. The Irish Times reports,

Fr Surlis and another of Maynooth’s most senior figures, the dean of theology Rev Prof Declan Marmion, said gay men who live a celibate life are welcome in the priesthood.

Asked whether a gay man who believes he has a vocation and is capable of living a celibate life would be accepted, Fr Surlis responded, “I would say, yes. The same issue arises for a man who identifies as homosexual as arises for a man who identifies as heterosexual”.

Rev Marmion said: “I think we all know priests and bishops who are excellent ministers and make a great contribution to the church and society, who are gay but who are celibate. Being frank about it, I think that’s something we shouldn’t be afraid of saying.”

Of course, in churches that are devoid of the gospel and have largely become social justice clubs — both Catholic and Evangelical — should be expected to embrace homosexuality and homosexuals within their ranks. Being that they’ve abandoned the Scriptures, they have no reason not to.

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