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Man Arrested for Spitting on Elderly Man for Wearing a Donald Trump Hat

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I’ve always said that progressives are godless people not only devoid of Christ but in general, largely immoral people. For a large portion of them, they lack the common grace of moral restraint that allows them to be decent and functional in a civil society. This is why such things as feminism, abortion, and LGBTQ activism is rampant in the Democrat party. This is why I believe that the overwhelming majority of Democrats — even those who claim to be Christians — are probably not saved.

Their hatred of civility and lack of moral restraint hasn’t been more evident since Donald Trump was elected into office. To be fair, Donald Trump is as lost as any Democrat and is morally reprehensible in his own right.

See here on why Donald Trump’s immorality doesn’t matter while the Democrats do — but to summarize, Donald Trump isn’t trying to legislate his personal immorality into federal policy.

In a recent video published on Liveleak’s YouTube channel, you can see a man in a restaurant walk by and slap a 67-year-old man, Robert Youngblood on the head who is wearing a Donald Trump hat, then come back a few seconds later and spit on him, screaming “You should go back to Russia, you f**king Communist.”

Of course, Donald Trump is the exact opposite of a Communist. According to Starnes, Matthias Ajple, 43, was arrested when the incident took place at Hurricane Grill & Wings in Vero Beach, Florida.

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