A Campus “Minister” is Outraged at the Proclamation of God’s Word

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Jesus warns of many false prophets who will arise in the last days (Matthew 24:11). This has become so much more evident today than at any time in history. The opposition to and rebellion against God is commonplace among the general population because, as the Bible states, they have all turned away (Romans 3:12).

In Romans 1, the Apostle Paul describes the state of humanity devoid of Christ as being under the wrath of God and given over to the lusts of their hearts. People are lovers of sin and haters of God. They know the truth and they know God, but because they love their sin — and enslaved to it — they suppress the truth about God and instead, give themselves to the creation.

One of the clearest signs that a person is saved — the elect of God — is that he is drawn to God’s word. God’s Word serves two purposes; it draws God’s elect to Him and it hardens the reprobate (Isaiah 55:11). If you call yourself a Christian but are turned off to the proclamation of God’s Word, guess what you are not — a Christian.

In the video below, you can see a campus minister who claims to be a Christian heckling and opposing the Word of God. Should we believe He is a Christian? Watch how he responds to these gospel preachers.

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