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Students Suspended From High School For Refusing to Wear Rainbow Poppy

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At least two high school students were suspended from Stonewall Collegiate in Manitoba, Canada for refusing to wear a rainbow flag poppy during a choir performance for a Remembrance Day ceremony. Cyra Bird, the cousin of one of the students who were suspended posted on social media that the school accused them of “hate speech” and that one of the students would be suspended until after Remembrance Day.

Canada, like Europe, is essentially a testing ground for liberal politics and whatever happens there first will eventually come to the United States. Canada has long lost any semblance of freedom of speech or expression and has now been overtaken by the LGBTQ mafia, feminism, and various other forms of leftist political activism.

Cyra claims that the school “screamed at” the students, demanding that they keep quiet about it.

Rainbow poppies were introduced in 2016 as a spin-off of the red poppies which honor fallen veterans — the rainbow poppies are essentially a mockery of the red poppies which elevate LGBTQ over and above other veterans.

“Let me be clear,” Cyra Bird states, “The message I am sending with this tweet is, the red poppy stands for EVERYONE who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, whether they were white, indigenous, black, or any other nationality, and whether they were straight or apart of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Cyra Bird, along with many others, believe the suspension is unjust.

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