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Texas Public Library Director Fired, Supporters Say it’s Because of Drag Queen Story Hour

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Reformation Charlotte has been covering much of the Drag Queen Story Hour saga plaguing the country. The movement is a nationwide program — and even worldwide to some extent — that is designed to indoctrinate and groom children into a sexually explicit lifestyle and mold them into gay-affirming transgender-accepting sheep.

In June, a public library in Leander, TX, outside of Austin held a Drag Queen Story Hour that drew protests of over 200 people which cost the city twenty thousand dollars in security costs. Now, the company that the city contracts to manage the library system is firing the director.

According to Statesman, a newspaper in Austin, TX, the director, Priscilla Donovan isn’t saying why she is being given the boot and neither is the company that is booting her. However, her LGBTQ supporters are crying foul.

“I firmly believe that this was due to the library’s support for our LGBTQ community,” said city council member Christine Sederquist, Donovan has been the “heart and soul of the library.”

If everything was on the up and up, I would expect a heartfelt statement from the city thanking Priscilla for her years of service and wishing her well. The city and this council haven’t shown any support for the library this entire time, and their silence is disappointing to say the least.

Another supporter said that the library company threw her under the bus because they were afraid of losing their contract with the city.

According to the report, the city canceled two other child-grooming LGBTQ propaganda events that the library had scheduled over the summer citing no background checks on the people conducting the event. In light of the news that so many of Drag Queens at these child events have been charged with and even convicted of sex crimes, we can only thank the city for stepping in and making the right decision to cancel these events. Hopefully, more cities and states will follow suit.

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