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Mattel’s New ‘Gender-Neutral’ Creatable World Doll Let’s Kids Choose and Change Doll’s Gender



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If you ever wanted to cuss (I don’t suggest you do), right now might be the only acceptable time to do it. This world is really messed up. At the height of stupidity are the liberal parents who not only allow their children to “choose their gender” before they’re even old enough to choose their own salad dressing but instigate, or rather, cause their insanity by inculcating them with aberrant LGBTQ propaganda.

It’s no wonder why homosexual teens are committing suicide at alarming rates — they’ve been indoctrinated into a life of confusion with no hope apart from adding to that confusion. Nobody in their right mind enjoys being sexually confused and teaching kids that it’s okay to something you’re not is the ultimate confusion — it’s madness.

Now, corporate toy giant Mattel has come to the rescue with something that’s sure to dismantle the confusion in young children. A “gender-neutral” doll.

The Creatable World doll is touted by Mattell as “the world’s first gender-neutral doll.”

In our world, dolls are as limitless as the kids who play with them. Introducing Creatable World™, a doll line designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in—giving kids the freedom to create their own customizable characters again and again.

Can we really blame Mattel for this? Mattel is a toy company that exists to make payroll. Mattel couldn’t care any less about the mental health or state of sanity of any of these children — they are simply responding to a demand for supply. This is what the world wants, so they’ve jumped in to provide it.

There simply aren’t words to describe the mental faculties of the parents who would purchase this for their children and propel them into a lifetime of confusion like this. The dotage inherent in liberalism is wildly incomprehensible. This is the height of derangement which can only logically end in the complete and total destruction of humanity.


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