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Jackie Hill Perry Implies that John MacArthur is Complementarian Because of His Ego and Insecurity



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Last week, John MacArthur held a conference at his church where during one Q&A session, John MacArthur was asked his thoughts on Beth Moore.

His response was simple; Go home!

This drew the wrath of liberals in the Southern Baptist Convention and other spiritually dying Evangelical organizations such as The Gospel Coalition. While these liberals want to make this unwavering biblical stance a “tertiary issue” (it is not), some true theological conservatives are standing strong against the influx of feminism in our churches.

Jackie Hill Perry is not one of them. In the wake of MacArthur’s admonition for Beth Moore to obey the Scriptures, Hill Perry, a former lesbian and spoken word artist who has embraced just about any theological and politically progressive position one can take without leaving the Church altogether, implied that MacArthur’s assertion wasn’t because of his “submission to God,” but because of his “ego.”

Now, she can claim plausible deniability because she didn’t name his name, but everybody knows what this is about. She has been at the forefront of the battle to introduce feminism in Evangelical pulpits for a long time. Not only is she a woke liberal feminist who promotes secular ideologies such as Critical Race Theory, intersectionality, and identity politics, but she also embraces charismatic false prophets and the heretical New Apostolic Reformation. In fact, she is so unqualified to have a theological opinion in conservative circles that she was uninvited from speaking at the Answers in Genesis conference a couple of months ago after her error was exposed.


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