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Another Southern Baptist Pastor Announces Desire to Withdraw Congregation From the SBC

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Southern Baptist churches are leaving the denomination in droves over the rampant liberalism that is infiltrating the once conservative bastion of sound theology. With the onslaught of feminism, identity politics, and even the embrace of homosexuality to a certain degree, church leaders are fed up with the politics and shenanigans that continue to plague the denomination.

Following on the heels First Baptist Church Victoria who left the convention over Social Justice, Jeff Noblit, pastor of Grace Life Church of the Shoals and founder of Anchored in Truth Ministries announced to his congregation this past Sunday his desire to lead the congregation out of the Southern Baptist Convention.

This move comes in the wake of Southern Baptist leaders’ recent embrace of a false teacher, Beth Moore after John MacArthur denounced her publicly at the Truth Matters Conference this past week. During a Q&A session, MacArthur was asked about Beth Moore to which he simply responded, “go home.” This prompted several Evangelical bigwigs such as SBC president, J.D. Greear to mock John MacArthur saying that Beth Moore is “welcome in [his] home anytime.”

Grace Life Church of the Shoals is a large congregation with hundreds in weekly attendance. The church holds to the Doctrines of Grace and the New Hampshire Confession, 1833, a Reformed Confession similar to the 1689 LBC.

Pastor Noblitt followed his announcement saying, “There are a lot of good solid brothers and sisters in the Southern Baptist Convention. However the “straw has broken the Camels back” for me. The infidelity between our confession and our practice in our local churches and the overall pandering to the world is a long term trend.”

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