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Pubic Library Hosts Underage Drag Queen Who Takes Dollar Bills From Adults


As if the Drag Queen Story Hour that’s plaguing public libraries around the nation wasn’t sick enough, one library had to top them all. The sick mentality of these child-abusing perverts seems to have no limits.


Ames Iowa public library recently hosted a drag queen show, but this time, it was an underage child performing a disgusting routine and taking dollar bills from adults — just like you would see in an adult strip club.

The library is run by a gay activist named Tanvi Rastogi and the library touts itself as the “queerest library in the universe.”

Librarian Tanvi Rastogi

Of course, she’s “sorry about Donald Trump,” but she exploits and abuses children and hands them over to sex perverts for money.


Where is the outrage by the public over this system child sexual abuse that is taking place in our nation? Where is the outrage from the churches who are still harping over slavery? This is pure slavery — it’s sex slavery — and children are being groomed across the nation to accept whatever aberrant sexual perversions are laid in front of them. It’s only a matter of time before this moves to the next level.

H/T: Tracy Shannon

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