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Former Cru Employees Describe Working For Cru “Like Working For a Cult”



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Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, is a worldwide mission organization that focuses primarily on students. The organization has branches around the world and on many high school and college campuses but also holds conferences that advance the objective of the organization.

In recent years, Cru has taken a sharp turn toward the left. After removing “Christ” from the organization’s name, Cru has become primarily a crusade for social justice.

Cru has taken a starkly unbiblical stance on homosexuality, treating it as a normality rather than an aberrant behavior worthy of repentance. One Cru leader openly teaches that it’s okay to be gay while another has said that homosexuals need not repent of homosexuality when they come to Christ — they can do it some time down the road if they want to. Cru chapters on campuses around the nation are partnering with LGBTQ activists to promote “common causes.”

But homosexuality isn’t the only thing Cru has gone left on. One of their top leaders is a new age mystic that promotes the use of devices such as the Enneagram and teaches the “little god” heresy — that we, Christians, can become like God — and they even invite Pagans, new age mystics, and Roman Catholics to speak at conferences.

Still yet, Cru has embraced another growing heresy — the social justice heresy. One Cru speaker, Latasha Morrison, had an entire audience of mostly white people stand up a repent of their whiteness in a “prayer” she had them repeat after her. Their social justice agenda is undeniable.

And after we exposed all of this, top Cru leaders are spending their time trying to cover all of this up while teaching other staff members how to brush off the concerns of donors and supporters.

So it should come as no surprise that former employees of Cru describe working for the organization like working for a cult. Below are some reviews that were found on Glassdoor.com that were left by former employees.

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“Cultish and manipulative,” describes one employee,

Not very open minded, cultish behaviors which are manipulative in both recruitment and gospel sharing to students and staff. Lots of groupthink and is more mission focused rather than gospel focused. Get punished for opening up about struggles. Not a whole lot of room to be a human. Also raising support is some shady business. They train you on what to say so it doesn’t sound like you’re asking for money, but rather asking to “further God’s kingdom”

Another former employee who worked there full-time described working there as overwhelmingly life-encompassing,

Honestly, working for CRU was kind of like working for a cult. There’s a bunch of smiling, happy, well dressed people from the outside. But, once you scratch the surface or be a little different, you start to see the organization’s true nature.

1.) The staff are generally unprofessional. Most staff have been recruited straight from college and many have never had professional employment elsewhere. There is a naive attitude towards reaching objectives and organization.

2.) Critical thinking and strategic planning is generally looked down upon. By default, Christian ministries tend to attract people that value feelings more than objective analysis. While this value system works for connecting with people, it is not effective when engaging in strategic planning or evaluating tactics. I found myself fairly judged and treated wrong whenever I engaged in honest critical analysis of our methods.

3.) If you’re life isn’t already filled with other CRU staffers, it soon will be. This means that your social, spiritual, familial, social, etc spheres will be absorbed into the CRU bubble. This is perhaps the biggest danger. Once in this bubble, you’re ability to think independently is held hostage to the various relational pressures you’ll have from the CRU bubble. It’s like living in Jonestown. Everyone drinks the same kool aid all the time. If you don’t drink the kool aid, you’re thought of as “disobedient” or “sinful” or “immature.” Criticize Bill Bright or the 4 Spiritual Laws and you’re definitely a goner.

Yet, another former employee who worked on staff at State College in PA described it as “cultish tendencies,”

SO much pressure to be perfect, work all the time have no line between personal life and work. There are a lot of single women and not many single men, which is hard.

Being that Cru staffers have to raise money for their own salaries, it comes as no surprise that the organization would be cultish and encompass your entire life. Not only do they have to work full-time, but they have to spend the remaining time of their life panhandling for money — all while someone at the top is taking money from George Soros.


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