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While Endorsing Heretics For Political Causes, SJW’s Come Out Against Endorsing Heretics For Political Causes


Sometimes, the insanity among the social justice camp is bewildering beyond belief. It’s as though the mindlessness of their error is self-placed in a display cabinet for the world to ponder and one can only conclude that “they know not what they do.” At least, I hope that’s the case for most of them, which begs the question; why are we here?

If that made little to no sense, good. Now you see what we’re dealing with in the Evangelical social justice crusade of The Gospel Coalition and their ilk.

Earlier today, the editor of The Gospel Coalition, Matt Smethurst, posts this. I’ll just show it to you.

Now, Matt seems like a nice enough guy. I’m sure he’s sincere. And, quite frankly, I agree with him. What he’s referring to is the far religious right that’s sold it’s soul to Donald Trump. Recently, several Southern Baptist leaders including Robert Jeffress, Jack Graham, and Franklin Graham came out promoting prosperity gospel heretic, Paula White’s new book — and they did so for no other reason than a political alliance.

In this, he’s absolutely right. But while we’re at it, let’s address the great big giant elephant in the room.

In 2018, The Gospel Coalition, of which Smethurst is the editor of, and the ERLC, of which Russell Moore (who Smethurst paraphrased here) is the head of put on the MLK50 conference whereby they endorsed a heretic just because they agreed with him on politics.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a heretic. Any reasonable study of King will lead an orthodox Bible-believing Christian to that conclusion. Not only did he deny the deity of Jesus Christ, but he lived in such a manner that was outright opposed to the gospel. He was a womanizer and there is much evidence to support his involvement in rape. All-in-all, King was no born-again Christian.

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Despite this, because the social justice movement has so much political alliance with Martin Luther King — and various other heretics they’ve endorsed for the cause — they moved forward with their promotion of him. Many in their camp go so far as to say that King, despite his denial of an absolutely essential doctrine, was “more Christian” than most who aren’t on their political side.

So I’ll conclude this post with a response to this tweet from A.D. Robles who stated quite succinctly.

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