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Being Pro-Life Has Nothing to Do With Refugees and Immigrants or Underprivileged Minorities



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The social justice movement is why Christians can’t have anything nice — like being pro-life, for example. Being pro-life used to be about standing for biblical justice when it comes to defending the right to life. It used to be about standing for the millions of innocent children who are being slaughtered in the womb around the world on the altar of convenience. It used to be about giving a voice to the most vulnerable of God’s creation — the unborn — who have no choice in whether or not they will live or die in this God-forsaken culture.

The pro-life movement used to be a light of God’s mercy in the midst of a dark and dying world.

Now, as with all Godly things, it has been overtaken by the progressives and redefined into something completely different. Marriage has been redefined to include homosexuals who sodomize each other. Complementarianism has been redefined to now mean egalitarianism, except we have to call it complementarianism. And the pro-life movement has been redefined to mean social activism for progressive causes.

The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) along with Southern Baptist Seminaries are leading the charge to dismantle biblical thinking when it comes to gospel-centered movements such as pro-life. Two of the most notable provocateurs are Russell Moore of the ERLC and Thabiti Anyabwile, a protégé of Mark Dever and 9Marks.

Russell Moore’s ERLC puts on a conference annually, Evangelicals for Life, that coincides with the Catholic-sponsored March for Life in what started out as the Evangelical voice for the unborn. Now, with most movements out of the ERLC, it has turned into a weekend of social justice propaganda for illegal immigration and social justice. According to the EFL website,

What does it mean to be pro-life? As Christians, we believe that every human being has dignity and worth. Our pro-life beliefs should be at the heart of everything we do – from the way we defend the unborn to how we care for the elderly; from how we treat immigrants and refugees to how we reach out to those being trafficked against their will. In a world that increasingly disrespects and devalues life, passive beliefs aren’t enough to make a difference. This generation needs new voices and new champions for life.

No, this is not what it means to be pro-life. Nobody is killing immigrants at the border and if they were, there are already laws against that. There are already laws against human trafficking. This garbage is already illegal and the laws of the land represent God’s justice. But abortion is government-sanctioned murder. This is what it means to be pro-life — taking a stand against the unjust — but legal — murder of innocent children.A

Thabiti Anyabwile, one of the speakers at the 2020 EFL conference is a staunch proponent of slave reparations, even turning it into a “pro-life” issue. Earlier this year, Anyabwile preached a sermon at SEBTS whereby he completely hi-jacked the movement and turned it into activism against “whiteness.”

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According to the social justice critical race theory Marxist elites, being pro-life no longer just means advocating for the life of the unborn. Unless you take up the cause of social justice for the “poor” too, and, according to Anyabwile, the “the widowed, the abused, the immigrant, the hurting and the needy,” you have no rights to the term “pro-life.”

And the cause that they’re after isn’t life, it’s equity.

They don’t care about the right to life — they want to implement a socialistic economic system that creates an equal quality of life for all people, regardless of your ability to work and contribute, legal status, or inheritance. It matters not that God is sovereign over these things. For them, being pro-life has nothing to do with standing for the lives of the defenseless, it is about instituting a secular ideology, dismantling Western civilization, and replacing it with a collectivist man-centered communist system that destroys individual rights and freedoms.

And it starts in the Church.


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