SBC’s LifeWay Hosting a Charismatic Tongue-Speaking Faith-Healing NAR Event

lifeway nar event healings tongues prophecies

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a loosely banded coalition of false prophets and people who call themselves apostles who band together to promote a charismatic culture of experiential worship, speaking in tongues, prophecies, and healings. The movement has been written off as heretical by the true Church of Jesus Christ. The Bible offers no support for the charlatanism that takes place within the movement which is littered with the false prosperity gospel.

So one might ask, why would LifeWay, an entity owned by the Southern Baptist Convention be hosting such a ridiculous event? The answer to the question could lie in the former LifeWay executive, Ed Stetzer. In 2020, Stetzer is slated to join a host of rank heretics including Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Todd White, and Sammy Rodriguez — a gaggle of New Apostolic Reformation Apostles — along with many others for a charismatic Pentecostal worship-fest called Jerusalem 2020 Conference.

But coming up in January, LifeWay will be hosting an event called Kingdom Domain, which hosts another slew of false apostles and prophets who are banding together for worship, tongues, prophecies, and all-out charismania. The speaker line-up includes people such as Andrey Shapoval, Ben Fitzgerald, Michael Koulianos, and more.

Some are calling on former SBC president and current president of the SBC’s executive committee to put a stop to this. Yet, Floyd himself is also deeply immersed in the NAR. You may remember that in 2015, Floyd joined Mike Bickle of IHOPKC for a similar event which even included a Catholic Track. It’s safe to say Floyd isn’t going to intercede in this one.

And since LifeWay peddles materials by NAR apostles and prophets, it comes as no surprise that they would host an event like this.

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