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Voddie Baucham Confronts the Absurdity of Mark Dever’s Legitimizing of Voting for Democrats



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One of the most biblically hypocritical movements in Evangelicalism is the legitimization of Christians who vote for Democrats. I’ve argued before that if you vote for a Democrat, you probably are not truly a Christian. I suppose there could be exceptions in extreme cases of deception or some form of delusion — but to argue that it’s morally acceptable for a Christian to support or put a Democrat in office, for any reason, is the height of rebellion against God.

Despite the fact that Democrats want to expand abortion, push homosexuality down our throats, and put in place policies of grand theft and redistribution, Evangelicals, and particularly, Southern Baptists, have been arguing that it is morally acceptable to vote for these people. Southern Baptist president, JD Greear, says it’s great while Mark Dever, founder of 9Marks ministry argues that not only is it okay, but not to accept it is racially divisive.

Voddie Baucham exposes the absurdity of the movement in the video below.


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