Justin Peters Declines Debate With Michael Brown Because He Lacks Discernment and Pastoral Qualifications


Recently, the chief apologist for the modern movement of the ancient Montanist heresy, the charismatic movement, challenged theologian and Christian apologist, Justin Peters to a discussion on “divine healings.” Michael Brown published the challenge in response to Peters’ challenge to Brown’s defense of false prophets, heretics, and the continuation of the apostolic sign gifts.

Here is the video of Brown’s challenge.

Justin Peters responded to the challenge with a video of his own whereby he accuses Brown of lacking discernment and not meeting the qualifications of the pastorate as laid out in Scripture. Peters went on to point out many of the particular ways in which Brown apologizes for false prophets such as Todd White, Kenneth Copeland, Todd Bentley, and Benny Hinn, who Peters says “intentionally deceives people.”

Bottom line, Peters accuses Brown of knowingly partaking in the unfruitful deeds of darkness coming out of the Evangelical charismatic movement and being complicit in his refusal to acknowledge the dangerous heresies rampant in the movement.

Watch Peters response in full below.

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    • Anthony V fontana is a MOCKER and a reviler – answer a fool according to his folly.

      Justin Peters is a dear godly defender of the faith and is certainly not a ‘wussy boy’. He has fought and still is fighting battles that A V f scorns to lift a finger to help. And those who – as does Michael Brown – make excuses for the heretics such as Hinn, Copeland, White, Bentley, and Their Name Is Legion, etc, are the compromised aids and abettors of Satan in his infiltration of the churches that profess the holy name of our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  1. I always believe in God and the bible but never believe in religion or christianity. Most of them preach some things from the bible while they dream of gold. I am so turn off and put off by most evangelist. I know they will sooner or later answerable to almighty God. And I would like to remind the evangelist that the word of God is free.

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