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Jen Hatmaker Joins Radical Pro-Choice Politician to Promote “Women’s Rights”



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Jen Hatmaker, close personal friend of Beth Moore who is famous for her television show on HGTV, has teamed up with some of the most radical feminist progressive liberals in the country to promote women empowerment. Among the line up is radical pro-choice politician, Stacy Abrams, who, back in April, denounced Georgia’s pro-life “Heartbeat Bill” as “evil.”

Jen Hatmaker claims to be a Christian yet has adopted a radical leftist worldview, promotes homosexuality and feminism, and has embraced the Black Lives Matter movement. Hatmaker will be joining Abrams and other pro-choice activists at The Riveter Summit in New York in November.

The website touts that “2020 is a year of great consequence for women and equality,” and that women are in a “position of incredible power to lead the way to a better tomorrow for everyone. “

And we must be intentional about how we leverage that power — and activate it for the good of all. Roll up your sleeves. We’re building the future.

The Riveter Summit: Women Building the Future is your platform for information, inspiration and — most importantly — activation. Our inclusive community will gather for keynotes from speakers like Stacey Abrams, Lindy West, and Amy Nelson, and more intimate breakout sessions built to stoke our collective power to transform society — and our lives.

Jen Hatmaker is not the first professing Christian to embrace the radical leftist pro-choice politician. Lecrae, who is known as the “rapper who happens to be Christian,” has also departed biblical conservatism in favor of progressive social activism and embraced Stacy Abrams.

Of course, there is no possible way a Bible-believing Christian could embrace the worldview of such a progressive activist and those who have should be excommunicated. However, the Evangelical Church as a whole has long departed sound theology and has become a free-for-all for people from “all walks of life” to join up, live however they want, vote however they want, so long as they name the name of Jesus. There is no longer any standard of living for Christians and anything goes.

Folks, this is not Christianity — this is the infiltration of Satanic influence in the Church and if we don’t mark and avoid all who embrace progressive ideologies, we are doing a disservice to the bride of Christ. We will all be held accountable.


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Sonny Loftin

Hatmaker attempts to use witchcraft (in this case a non-sequitur argument – tieing incongruencies) to sow doubt about the Christian pro-life position. She jumps to the "end" and asks what are you doing to take care of unwanted babies and what about rape and it's not that simple rhetoric. This boils to simply, "Is it OK to kill babies or not?" That's it. It's simple. The rest of it is nonsense that impacts wanted and unwanted people everyday – it's called life. But I guess we can make the earth more Christ-like by aborting people. Next she'll be on the… Read more »

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