News Website Owned By Catholic Diocese Publishes Pro-Gay Article By Pete Buttigieg’s Cousin


The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Malta and the diocese of Gozo are the owners of a news website called Newsbook ( and two priests of the diocese are on the board of directors, according to the Directory of the Malta Archdiocese.

The news website recently published an article promoting homosexuality titled Why Pride March? by a woman named Claudette Buttigieg who appears to be related to the sodomite running for U.S. President, Pete Buttigieg. In a recent tweet, Claudette Buttigieg asserts that she is “proud” to be “remotely linked” to Pete Buttigieg.

Claudette Buttigieg is the Deputy Speaker Parliament of Malta. Apparently gay activism at the government official level runs in the family.

The article, published in the Catholic-owned publication, was nothing more than typical LGBTQ propaganda which insists that mere “tolerance” is “not enough” and that homosexuality must be accepted and celebrated. She writes,

Therefore, for the LGBTQ community, as with other minorities, tolerance is not enough. Let us recognize what makes each of us unique. Awareness of others helps each of us be more self-aware. We shouldn’t let ourselves be the kind of society where some people feel they must live a lie.

Parroting the common “discrimination” theme that sodomite propaganda is rampant in, the articles states, “A society that is complacent about discrimination is letting all sides down. The Pride March is about remembering all this.”

Of course, it comes as no surprise that all of the apostate sects of Christendom are caving left and right to the militant LGBTQ agenda. When there is no objective standard upon which to base your reasoning upon — namely, the Word of God — then all else is fair game. Why stop there? The Catholic Church and other apostate organizations have been wrought with sexual immorality for ages.

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