Southern Baptist Leaders Impose Unbiblical Stance of Neutrality in Politics


Southern Baptists and Evangelicals, in general, have historically held to a conservative political ideology that is informed by a Biblical worldview. To translate that into American politics, this means that historically speaking, most Christians have been (gasp) Republicans and supported the (gasp) Republican party.

In recent years, there has been a movement to invoke a position of neutrality when it comes to politics. Southern Baptist president, JD Greear recently said that it was “great” to vote for a pro-choice anti-Christian Democrat, so long as you verbalize your opposition to abortion. The movement is spearheaded by left-leaning progressive Evangelical leaders who have spent years railing against Donald Trump while largely remaining silent on his Democratic counterparts.

The driving political ideology that causes these progressive Evangelical leaders — like Russell Moore, the head of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) — is globalism. The Evangelical Church as a whole and the Southern Baptist Convention, particularly, has become a political platform for globalists to launch a George Soros-funded open-borders pro-immigrant campaign in America.

Yet, the Evangelicals rented out by the globalists are able to run their campaign not by promoting any Democrat, but by steering Christians away from politics altogether. Being that the vast majority of the Evangelical Church has been politically conservative, they don’t need to turn the Church into Democrats, they just need to guilt-shame them for supporting Republicans. To do so, they invoke the “neutrality” clause.

The neutrality clause goes something like this: When it comes to following King Jesus, it is not about our allegiance to a donkey or an elephant. It is about our worship of a lamb and a lion.

In fact, that’s word-for-word what Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary president, Danny Akin recently posted on Twitter.

Again, the idea here isn’t to turn Evangelicals into Democrats — it’s just to get Republican voters away from the polls altogether. Make them feel ashamed for concerning themselves with politics because, you know, King Jesus deserves all the allegiance and what not.

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Of course, that doesn’t really work when you actually approach it from a biblical worldview. The implication is a strawman at best. Having an allegiance to biblical principles — which the Republican party platform is much, much closer to by any discernable standard — does not necessarily translate into an allegiance to the Republican party. If the Republican party abandoned conservative politics, I, as any biblically-minded Christian, would dump them in a heartbeat.

If Jesus deserves all the allegiance — and he does — then, as Jesus commanded, we must pick up our cross and follow Him. That means, everything we do must be informed by His words and his commandments. Things like, for example, unjust killing, theft, sexual immorality, to name a few. Whether it be the continual expansion of the slaughtering of innocent children in the womb, the clamoring for the promotion of homosexuality and other forms of sexual perversions, including feminism, or the insistent push for redistributive theft, Christians not only have a right but a duty to stand up and oppose these things. There is no such thing as neutrality according to God (Matthew 12:30). You are either for Him and stand up for biblical principles, or you are against Him and stand against Him.

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