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Two Planned Parenthood Locations to Close, Thanks to Defunding Efforts

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The left calls it the “war on women” while the right, for the most part, recognizes it as common sense. Thanks to the defunding of Title X provisions for “women’s health” clinics that provide abortions or even refer patients for abortions, Planned Parenthood has announced that it will be forced to shut the doors of two of its centers in Ohio. Absurdly calling the news “heartbreaking,” they announced the following on Twitter,

While the Trump administration and the Republican party still fall far short of any biblical stance on abortion — that abortion is murder and those who commit it should be put to death — we can say with absolute certainty that in recent history, the Trump administration has been undoubtedly the most pro-life administration in office.

In 2016, one prominent Southern Baptist pastor insisted that the Democrat party was the best choice for African Americans, decrying Donald Trump as one who would “do nothing” to stop abortion. Thabiti Anyabwile, the pastor of Anacostia River Church and protege of Mark Dever, writes in a blog post on The Gospel Coalition,

However, I don’t see Mr. Trump doing a thing to limit abortion or roll it back either. Not a thing. He hasn’t even made it a campaign issue. And when he’s spoken about it he’s changed his position several times IN ONE DAY. He’s not a champion I would trust.

You see, the choice is not between Hilary’s zeal for abortion and Trump’s bigotry—as if Trump were better on abortion and Clinton better on racism. There’s no tradeoff here. The two, in my opinion, are a push on abortion.

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The notion was backed by several politically left-leaning Evangelicals and Southern Baptists, including Dwight McKissic and a chorus of “NeverTrumpers.” Of course, the sane-minded Christians have always argued that to support any political candidate that wishes to expand access to abortion services, institute a socialist economic system, and stifle religious freedoms are essentially voting for Satan himself. No Christian in his right mind has argued that Donald Trump is truly a born-again believer, however, conservative polity, in general, undoubtedly has a far better grasp on general revelation than even many professing Christians. In fact, Reformation Charlotte has argued that if you vote for a Democrat, you are probably not saved.

If you were to die today, where would you go? Heaven? Hell? Not sure?

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