“Reformed” Christian School Boasts “Gender-Inclusive” Restrooms

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A Christian university named after arguably the most famous Protestant reformer in the Reformed Tradition, John Calvin, has become an icon for liberalism. Calvin College is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is associated with the Christian Reformed Church denomination which has its roots in the Netherlands and is largely influenced by the early twentieth-century theologian, Abraham Kuyper.

Today, The Christian Reformed Church is a full-fledged liberal denomination that boasts inclusivity and progressivism throughout its layers of organizational structure, including at Calvin College.

Calvin college is home to a number of student organizations, one of which is Sexuality and Gender Awareness (SAGA). The group boasts that it is “a peer education group of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, plus (LGBT+), and straight students who support each other and educate the campus” and holds yearly events including LGBT workshops in the dorms, “You are Loved Campaign,” and “various speakers on topics connected to sexuality and gender.”

One of those speakers was Mark Yarhouse, a regular consultant on sexuality and gender for The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. During the introduction to Yarhouse’s speech, the host of the campus event gave the audience notice of the “gender-inclusive” restrooms that were available to them. You can see it starting at the 2:30 mark below.

Further, Calvin College now offers a map of it’s “gender-inclusive” restrooms which you can find at this link or see below.

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