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Cross-dressing Man Runs in NCAA DI Cross Country Women’s Team


A man who pumps himself full of testosterone suppression drugs and dresses like a girl has received overwhelming support from his female teammates on his college cross-country running team. Juniper Eastwood, who was assigned male at birth — and is still a male, no matter how confused he is — ran on August 31 with the girls, finishing seventh overall.

According to one report, “Eastwood started training with the women’s cross-country team last summer, and she [sic] says she’s [sic] been met with overwhelming support from her [sic] new teammates and coach.” Of course, he received overwhelming support — what girl’s team wouldn’t want a man with a greater athletic ability to disguise himself as a woman and cause their team to perform better?

The “transgender” delusion has absolutely taken a sharp turn to complete logical absurdity and lunacy. That a man can use a women’s bathroom, compete in women’s sports, and even have women’s wombs implanted in them so that they can “experience pregnancy” is foolish, senseless, and reprehensible.

Another report argues that since he only finished in seventh place, “transgender opponents” should not be upset about it. That he used to often finish in first place while running on the men’s team — and before he started damaging his body with hormone suppressant drugs — we should not be upset about it. But it isn’t just that men can compete on women’s teams — it’s that men are not women, and women are not men. It’s that these people are being supported in their mental illnesses rather than being given the psychological and spiritual treatment that they need.

Women are not born in men’s bodies, and to feel that way is due to an innate rebellion against God. It is not a sex change operation, hormone therapy, and affirmation that these people need. It is true love that is found only in the gospel and saving grace of Jesus Christ that they need. If we’re making their lives comfortable in their rebellion against God, we’re withholding the mercy of pain and distress that God gives them that should cause them to seek Him and his Kindness, which leads to repentance.

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