Mark Dever’s Church Teaches Sunday School Class on Social Justice, Identity Politics, and White Privilege


Our goal: not to offer one policy recommendation or another, but, again, to sensitize you to the reality of group dynamics and what it means for justice.

Capitol Hill Baptist Church Sunday School Lesson

It is no secret that the Southern Baptist Convention and the broader Evangelical Church have been highly compromised, doctrinally unsound, and lacking in mission. At the forefront of this apostasy is the modern social justice movement which is pervasive in the Church. On the heels of more liberal denominations such as the PCUSA, ELCA, and UMC — who have fully embraced such ideologies as feminism, LGBTQ inclusion, and social justice — the Evangelical Church has slipped into downgrade at an impressive rate.

Spearheaded by The Gospel Coalition, the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and Mark Dever’s 9Marks, social justice is overtaking pulpits all over America and even abroad. For the most part, the movement has been pushed through under the guise of “racial reconciliation” which has been touted as a movement to reconcile perceived angst between black and white Christians. The movement, however, has been anything but reconciliatory and has served only to divide through its anti-gospel theme.

The movement is based largely on Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory (CRT) emerged as an offshoot of Critical Theory, a neo-Marxist philosophy that has its roots in the Frankfurt School and its methods are drawn from Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. CRT teaches that institutional racism exists within every structure of society and that these structures are intrinsically designed in such a manner as to protect and preserve “white supremacy” in our culture. Further, CRT does not rely on factual statistics or objective evidence to support the theory, rather it relies on anecdotal evidence and personal experience.

Some of the prevailing offspring of Critical Race Theory are intersectionality, the notion of “white privilege,” and imputed guilt based on the wrongdoings of past generations.

Recently, at Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., a Sunday School class was taught not based on Scripture, but Critical Race Theory. The lesson essentially taught that it is the government’s responsibility to establish a means of equality through socialism. On the third slide below, you can see the inherent false and unbiblical notion of “white guilt” and “white privilege” being taught, as it says,

Privilege is what one group of people enjoys over against another group or groups of people — often as a result of prior oppression. Its effects are often society wide. To benefit one need not have had an active hand in the oppression or discrimination.

That a church that claims to be Evangelical, biblical, and Christ-centered would promote such an absurd, man-made system that has its roots in a secular humanist worldview is beyond shocking. Southern Baptists, you need to know that this is what you are paying for.

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