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Did John MacArthur Cut Ties with Al Mohler, Mark Dever, and Ligon Duncan?

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You may remember that last year at the Shepherd’s Conference held at MacArthur’s Grace Church, during a panel discussion, host Phil Johnson pressed Al Mohler for clarity on his position on social justice in the Church. It was then that Al Mohler appeared to lose his cool and flip out, insisting that he wasn’t open to discussion about it — especially with Johnson.

Since then, public relations between these men have appeared to be on rocky ground. While MacArthur insisted he didn’t want to “fight his friends” — meaning Duncan, Mohler, and Dever — MacArthur was clear in his disagreement on social justice issues.

Some critics have suggested that the reason for the separation is due to perceived misconduct on the part of MacArthur. Joining the chorus staunchly anti-MacArthur critics such as Jeff Dornik and Brannon Howse, Brent Detwiler has leveled a number of accusations against MacArthur ranging from fabricating a story about visiting the scene of MLK after he was assassinated to “sordid nepotism,” all of which are, well, dumb. Other accusations include having Phil Johnson verbally attack his critics, lying about being an All-American football player, and covering up sex abuse.

Originally, Mohler, Duncan, and Dever were all slated to speak at the 2020 Shepherd’s Conference, which now, according to Detwiler and confirmed on the conference speaker’s web page, are no longer speaking there. It is unclear if the trio of social justice warriors conspired to cut ties with MacArthur, or if MacArthur and his church decided to cut ties with them for their continuous promotion of social justice.

What is clear, however, is that the hatred spewing from the lips of Detwiler — regardless of whether or not his allegations are true — is something that no serious Christian should consider. Detwiler has relentlessly attacked conservative, Reformed men for as long as I can remember. Detwiler has been pushing for the Getty’s to disinvite John MacArthur from the Sing 2019 Conference, sending them email and reaching out to them over various social media platforms to no avail, all while being cool with them allowing Jackie Hill Perry — a known false teacher — to stand on that same stage.

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