Women’s Rape Relief Center Vandalized By Transvestites For Not Allowing Transgenders

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When you think that the LGBTQP+ narrative can’t get any more absurd, all you have to do is look at the news for the day. Transvestites and crossdressers around the world are demanding services for themselves that are biologically inappropriate and in most cases, impossible. For example, in the UK, “transgender women” (that is men who dress as women) are being urged to get tested for cervical cancer. Obviously, that is biologically impossible, however, it appeases the depraved minds of men who want to assuage their conscience against their rebellion to God.

In other sexually-depraved news, transgenders are also seeking to have not only female-like sex organs plastically constructed, but also to have actual wombs of deceased women implanted in them so they can “experience” pregnancy.

However, some sane people are holding fast against the onslaught of transsexuality and the sexually-deviant revolution. One women’s rape relief center in Vancouver refuses to allow men who think they’re women (and dress like women, and mutilate their bodies, etc.) to seek services from them. Because of this, sexual deviants are repeatedly vandalizing the center — at one point, nailing a dead rat to their door.

The most recent vandalism included violent threats, including “KILL TERFS,” “TERFS Go Home,” and “F*** TERFS.” “TERF” is a slur against people who actually believe women are women and men are men. The term is an acronym that stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” To these perverts, the “radical feminists” are the normal people who reject the notion that men can be women.

Hilla Kerner of the rape relief organization says that her stance is controversial in her area and that because of that, these violent threats are being made against her. The fact that the rational, logical, and reasoned position is not the “controversial” position in our society speaks volumes about the state of the depravity of man.

One can only wonder how long it will be before men start vandalizing abortion clinics for not allowing them to get abortions.

Lord Jesus return soon!

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