New Scientific Study: There Is No “Gay Gene”


Liberals, feminists, and gays have been arguing for as long as homosexuality has existed that homosexuals are “born that way.” Well, a new scientific study shows that that simply isn’t true.

While the Bible speaks clearly on the issue, that God’s design for human sexuality is a marriage relationship between one man and one woman. And while the Bible never says that anyone is “born gay,” it does say that, in our fallen state, we are born with a sin nature. And with that sin nature, we are inclined toward rebellion against God. For some, this means an inclination toward rebelling against God’s natural created order for sexuality.

But Bible-believing Christians have maintained throughout the years — and are now vindicated — that disordered sexuality isn’t caused by any single genetic factor. It is caused by sin — a conscious choice to rebel against God. The study, however, refers to this sin as “environmental factors.” While a multitude of genetic factors may be linked to a proclivity toward this particular sin, homosexuality is overwhelmingly linked to these “environmental factors.”

The study states,

We found several personality traits (loneliness and openness to experience), risky behaviors (smoking and cannabis use) and mental health disorders, but not physical traits, to be significantly genetically correlated with same-sex sexual behavior … We emphasize that the causal processes underlying these genetic correlations are unclear and could be generated by environmental factors relating to prejudice against individuals engaging in same-sex sexual behavior, among other possibilities.

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