Steven Furtick Says “Goliath Has Your Grace”

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Some people — normal people — might read 1 Samuel 17, the recount of David and Goliath in Scripture, and come away with a sense of awe for God who delivered an unbelievably unprepared child from the hands of his people’s enemy. The story, clearly, displays the greatness of God and his own handiwork. If you’ve not read it, you should. It’s good.

But some pastors — narcissistic pastors — like to make the Scriptures about themselves. Steven Furtick, the pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC is a pro at it. Literally a professional — as in, he makes his living off of being a biblical narcissist.

In a recent video put out by his church, Furtick refers to the story of David and Goliath and twists it into a whole new meaning. He says that what it represents isn’t the glory of God, but the glory of man who aligns himself with David. In other words, he takes it to mean that David is representative of every Christian person who exerts enough faith and you, like David, can leave your Goliath dead and walk away with his sword.

“Goliath has your sword. Goliath has your grace,” Furtick says. Guess what, Steven, David doesn’t represent man, he represents Christ. And you are not David.


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