Kenneth Copeland Continues Profiting on People Even After They Pass Away


First, I want to say that we’re sorry that a fellow human being passed away. This article is not about the man who died, but about Kenneth Copeland and the bondage he had on people.

Kenneth Copeland is a multi-millionaire with a personal private jet and a mansion fit for a king. Copeland has gained his wealth by fleecing unsuspecting people in the name of Jesus in exchange for a false gospel — the prosperity gospel. The vast majority of those Copeland fleeces never see the health and wealth promised to them in exchange for “sowing seeds” into Copeland’s ministry. Sadly, most of them have never heard the true gospel and many of them will duly die in their sins unsaved.

One man by the name of George L. Reamer recently passed at the ripe old age of 83. According to his obituary, Reamer attended the Milan Friends Church and Calvary Baptist Church and “believed in eternal life through Jesus Christ his savior.” Yet, despite his attendance at these other churches, Reamer opted to have his memorial contributions sent to Kenneth Copeland.

This is a sad example of the bondage that Copeland can place on the life — and death — of people who follow his ministry. Sadly, this man probably thought he was truly doing good by having his money sent to this fraud who will only use it to promote himself and increase his own wealth.

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