Pastor Joins Stripper to Raise Funds to Aid Illegal Aliens


In the endless push for open borders in America by the Evangelical Church, denominations across the entire theological spectrum have been teaming up to oppose the current president and garner support for progressive policies that would effect such change. From the Southern Baptist Convention’s Russell Moore and his George Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table to wildly liberal denominations such as the United Methodist Church and Presbyterian Church PCUSA, it seems as there is no limit to who Donald Trump haters will hold hands with.

But one interesting partnership has been this so-called pastor who teamed up with a stripper to raise funds for illegal immigrants.

I’m not a Christian, I’m not that kind of weird. I’m a different kind of weird. You know what I mean? But my kind of weird supports his kind of weird,” said a stripper who goes by the name Dawn Blu McCall. In case you’re unaware, a stripper is someone who performs soft sexual acts for money — basically prostitution light. Yet, one pastor insists that God still works through them.

Adam Ericksen, a pastor at Clackamas United Church of Christ said “We can see God working through burning bushes, as with Moses. Or we can see God working through strippers.”

You may remember when Reformation Charlotte previously reported on Clackamas where the church posted a sign stating “God loves you just the way she made you.”

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Good times. Of course, this is the logical end of the intersectionality and social justice movement that is sweeping Evangelicalism as a whole. Sadly, so many are buying into it that it’s difficult to stay on top of it.

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