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James MacDonald Signals Return to Ministry In Facebook Post

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JULIE ROYS UPDATE: Greg Bradshaw, Harvest Bible Chapel (HBC) lead ministry pastor, says James MacDonald has filed for arbitration against the church. Bradshaw says “among the things (MacDonald) is seeking is Walk in the Word. HBC is in the preparation stages of our response.” 

Disgraced former Harvest Bible Chapel pastor, James MacDonald, just posted a message to a closed group on Facebook called Walk in the Word Partners, indicating that he’s returning to ministry. Here’s the message, which was just sent to me from a member of the group and is posted without any corrections to grammar or spelling. (I believe the picture is of MacDonald and a man who reportedly approached him in Wyoming and tearfully urged him to start preaching again.): 

This message is for our ministry partners only. Greetings loved ones, Please continue in prayer for Kathy and I – there has been a great deal of loss for us this year but we love one another and the Lord and have prayed fervently not to say or do anything during our trial that would undermine our many years of teaching you God’s Word. We have prayed to practice our biblical teaching on love and God has surely allowed us to be stretched. There is much we could say, as so much is not at all what has been portrayed. But we look to the Lord for forgiveness where I did fail as a leader and for vindication of false statements that will not cover forever what others have done. God is in control, truth will come to light in his time. When Our Lord moves to remedy these injustices and bring healing between hearts humbled before him, we will have all the more reason to praise Him. We are ready now with open arms and pray for others to meet us in genuine Christian reconciliation. Our health is good, our children have found other places of fruitful ministry and many prayers have been answered along these lines. Our broadcast partners are our family now and we will be back soon w fresh messages from God’s Word. All free – all digital – all the time, as promised. If you want to write to us – we are reading all mail personally at:
James and Kathy MacDonald
PO Box 5368
Elgin IL 60121

Just this week I met a man at a gas station in Casper Wyoming (while travelling to see our grankids) who approached me with a strong word He knew it was me and I wouldn’t look up but just began to weep as he said boldly: “James, I love you and many others do too. I can’t make sense of all that has happened in your ministry – just seems like it all could have been worked out. God is not done with you yet

– get back to preaching God’s word, as we all need to hear from you.” Wow – i cannot tell you what these suprise  and very kind words, so on point and from the Lord have meant to me. I am so thankful for a faithful messenger. In God’s time we desire to be that messenger in your life again, afresh. Great days of triumph and victory always follow days of testing – we look forward to sharing with you in brand new ways – all the Lord has been teaching us and what His calling is for us.
Much love to you in Christ,
James and Kathy

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