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Why Christians Should Reject Donald Trump’s Gun-Grab Proposal For “Mentally Ill” People


In most areas, Donald Trump has governed like a conservative — more conservative than any other president in recent history — and has won favor with those who stand on the founding principles of this nation. Those principles rest in the inalienable rights of people described in the Constitution of the United States. Such rights, inherent in humanity and grounded in natural law, given to us by our creator, serves as the foundation for civil government in the free world. Yet, despite this truth, the freedoms afforded to citizens of the free world have been under siege by leftists for as long as we’ve had them.

These rights are grounded in biblical principles and, as Western society developed and grew out of the Protestant Reformation, such rights became more important to preserve The freedom they established. The most basic freedom established by biblical principles is the freedom of conscience — to worship and obey God unhindered by government. The other rights afforded us tend to fall under that category — though they do protect the unbeliever as well.

Rights in the U.S. Constitution — such as the freedom of speech, press, life and liberty, etc. — were designed to allow the freedom of expression of one’s religious opinion without fear of retribution. Further rights, such as the right to militia and to bear arms, were to protect against a tyrannical government hell-bent on taking our other freedoms. In short, the Second Amendment exists to protect our freedoms when the government has failed to do so.

The progressive left, which is rooted in several similar secular ideologies that fall under the umbrella of socialism and communism, has targeted the rights of free societies since the inception of Western civilization. The primary target is the freedom of conscience — they do not want God to be worshiped. The reason? Because it is instilled in every human being — who the Bible describes as those who bear the image of God — that God is Creator and God is the authority. But in our natural fallen state, we rebel against God and refuse to be accountable to Him. Leftists know that in a society where God is allowed to be freely worshiped, there is no escape from the torture of conscience that bears down upon them with the knowledge of God and his laws. This, they must suppress.

But they can’t just take away the freedom of conscience without dismantling all of the other freedoms which fall under it. These freedoms, such as the right to free speech and press, must be taken away. They know that when the free expression of the Word of God is allowed in a society, that God’s Word will prevail. People cannot wallow in their sin freely when the Word of God is allowed to be freely proclaimed. This is why the staunchest opponents to the free expression of God’s Word are homosexuals. Homosexuals — even those who claim to be Christians — are the furthest from God than any other person. And a society wrought with homosexuals is evidence of a society under deep judgment from God. It is utter chaos and confusion.

Yet, even these freedoms cannot be stripped quietly — which is, again, the reason for the right of the citizens to bear arms. When the tyrannical government has overstepped its boundaries and authority, it ceases, in American society anyways, to be legitimate. In America, the authority is not in the president. The authority is not in congress or the judicial system. The authority is in the Constitution of the United States of America. And, it is the duty of American citizens to protect and defend the Constitution. Hence, “we the people” are the government.

This is exactly why the left — those who hate God — desire to strip the freedom to bear arms from the citizens. In short, if they can confiscate all of the weaponry from the citizens, all the other rights can be taken by force. And that is exactly what the left is doing.

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However, what may come as more of a surprise (to some, but not others) is that Donald Trump has played right into the hands of the progressive gun-grab. Donald Trump is playing right into the hands of the left’s gun-grab by ceding to them that guns should not be given to those with mental illnesses.


While you may think that this seems like common sense, the problem is that in the world of leftist activism, mental illness can mean practically anything. It is quite subjective. To many leftists, Christians, by default, are mentally ill by the very virtue of being Christian — and to make matters worse, under the left’s method of Intersectionality, straight, white, Christian men are the most deranged people on earth.

These ideas are propagated by narratives that reach from far left atheism to even progressive Christianity. Even prominent leaders in historically conservative denominations now advance the notion that “white Evangelicalism” is a dangerous ideology to subscribe to.

Jemar Tisby is an outspoken proponent of Black Liberation Theology, Marxism, and Critical Race Theory, and has ties to the historically conservative Reformed Theological Seminary. He has written a book called The Color of Compromise whereby he lays out a plan for Christians to oppose what he sees as “white supremacy” by having them commit to political activism, slave reparations, and voting Democrat. In the tweet below following the recent mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, Tisby invokes the incendiary term, “white Christian nationalism, of which he’s spent years attempting to lump all white-skinned evangelicals into this category.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, under Danny Akin, continues to push this narrative as well. It is now widely known that this seminary is one of the main outlets of Marxist ideology in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Make no mistake about it. If you sign on in agreement to Donald Trump’s proposal to restrict guns from those who are “deranged” or “mentally ill,” if you’re a Christian, particularly a light-skinned low melanin-count Christian, you will be labeled “mentally ill” and they will come for you too. As Christians, we must reject any form of gun-control that inhibits the inalienable rights of the image-bearers of God.

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