Kyle Howard: White Supremacists Are All Conservative Southern Baptists

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Ed Stetzer is a former LifeWay executive who, along with Thom Rainer, promoted heretical materials for money in what is supposed to be a Christian bookstore operated by the Southern Baptist Convention. Stetzer has since left and now holds the Billy Graham Distinguished Chair for Church, Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College.

Stetzer has been a staunch advocate of social justice in the Church and has advanced various causes such as racial reconciliation. Along with another Southern Baptist favorite, Kyle James Howard, who touts himself as a “racial trauma counselor” and a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, replied to one of Stetzer’s tweets on “white supremacy” stating all the white supremacists he’s ever met are conservative, white Southern Baptists.

It comes as no surprise that Kyle Howard would make such an absurd assertion — as Howard has been known to fabricate stories ranging from a former life as a gang member in Atlanta that, conveniently, nobody knew about at the time, including his parents, and he silently walked away from to fanciful fairy tales of he and his wife being afraid to walk alone on the campus of SBTS for fear of being attacked for their race. Howard has also absurdly claimed that he would be afraid to be in a room alone with James White and that people who have “confederate style” beards (like Ed Stetzer, by the way) are white supremacists. The asininity that drivels from the lips of Howard become more ridiculous each passing day.

But Stetzer, the former LifeWay executive, has always been somewhat more reserved in his hairbrained comments — at least when they came to outlandish claims such as this. Stetzer now claims that when he speaks or writes about immigrants or race, that he’s regularly targeted by “white supremacists” — who Howard says are conservative Southern Baptists — and threaten his family.

Now we know that progressives are known for fabricating falsities to support their narrative. But Stetzer? Let’s see those police reports that back up these claims. Otherwise, just like Kyle Howard, he needs to make up stories to support their agenda of turning the Evangelical voting bloc to the left.

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