Bruce Jenner Wants to Be a Mom. Guess What. No.

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According to the Mirror UK, Bruce Jenner is “reportedly feeling so broody that she is considering using a surrogate to become a mum at the age of 70.”

During a time of mass confusion, total depravity, and outright insanity, allow me to bring some clarity to this situation. Men cannot get pregnant, therefore, men cannot be moms. Bruce Jenner is a man. Bruce Jenner is not, cannot, and never will be a mom. End of story.

But that doesn’t stop the mainstream media and their celebrity mouthpieces from pushing the ridiculous notion. As the world continues to try to indoctrinate young minds with sexual perversion, through public schools and stupid things like Drag Queen Story Hour — a “soft-sex” playtime between transvestite men and young children — the world continues to become dumber and dumber. Literally, almost nobody is capable of a rational thought these days.

Jenner, who has been alienated from his wife and children and is now in a homosexual relationship with a 21-year-old boy, Scott Hutchins, says they want to raise a family together.

While the world is complicit in the sexual revolution, and the world stands with Bruce Jenner and the rest of these perverts, rest assured that God is against them, and unless they repent and turn to Christ, God’s wrath will be poured out on all those who oppose Him.

If you were to die today, where would you go? Heaven? Hell? Not sure?